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July 2000

We flew into Rome from Hanover arriving at 10:00am and we were picked up at the airport by the Italy GM, Franco G. who drove us to Ortona.

The most memorable thing about Italy is the food.

On the drive between Rome and Ortona we stopped at a small village about 20km off the main highway and had lunch. The restaurant was in what was previously the cellar of the house and it was about 20m by 10m (60ft by 30ft) with a high arched ceiling about 10m high. The entire lunch was foods supplied from the local area and started with a number of hot and cold appetizers followed by three pasta dishes followed by a meat dish, accompanied by a local wine and ending with an espresso laced with a locally produced Sambuco liqueur.

The appetizers included fried kidney and liver (calf I think),  marinated zucchini, three battered and deep-fried items (mushroom, cheese and a zucchini flower stuffed with cheese and anchovy) bread, beans, cheese ravioli, spaghetti in butter and herbs, with mushrooms and cream sauce. And finally, grilled lamb chops.